What To Look For The Best Shower Head?

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Shower is one of the best way to relax after a day of busy work. But it cannot come true if there isn’t a satisfying shower head. Therefore, selecting the best suitable shower head is crucial for you and your bathroom. With this in mind, when you are choosing a new shower head, this is the guide you should read first.

What To Look For The Best Shower Head?


Water pressure is one of the important points that you need to consider when you are purchasing a new shower head. Usually, most shower heads require a water pressure between 40 and 60 psi. So, before buying a shower head that will work for your bathroom, you need check your home’s water pressure.


Usually, shower heads can be divided into wall-mounted shower heads, handheld shower heads, and rain shower heads. All of them have their own highlights.

  • Wall-mounted Shower Head: this is a simple shower head which can attach to the shower elbow directly.
  • Handheld Shower Head: these shower head usually have a hose, so that you can always detach them from a holder on the wall. It’s convenient.
  • Rain Shower Head: with this shower head, you can enjoy a shower with high water volume, just like in a waterfall.


Shower head Nozzles spray water usually have various patterns and intensity. You need yo adjust the heads and figure out which one you are satisfied. That’s important for a high-quality shower.


Thank you for seeing here! Hoping this ultimate guide can help you find a satisfying shower head!